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Carrom Pool Mod APK 15.3.0 (Unlimited Gems/Coins)

Name Carrom Pool
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Size 112MM
Version 15.3.0
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Welcome to the world of Carrom Pool: Disc Game. Here you can download the latest version of the Carrom Pool: Disc Game Mod apk file for Android. The Carrom Disc Pool game is easy to play. Put all Discs in the pot before your opponent.

If you are looking for the Carrom Pool Mod Apk or you want to hack the Carrom game, hack unlimited coins and gems unlock points, expanded attack lines and an ad-free version. Then you are in the right place. In this article, we share Carrom Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Hacking of Coins / Gems).

Carrom Pool Mod Apk – Disc Game

Carrom is a great game for people of all ages and skill levels. It only takes up little space and can be done indoors or outdoors and is easy to learn and play! Before you start, you need to know the basics: how to repair, move parts, outline, and so on.

Carrom Pool MOD APK 1

Carrom hack has two types of discs that can be used throughout the game. Find (or attach) a disc with spikes on one end and slide the carrot around the table. The carom itself has four or five sides, with a line on each side. Caron’s pool goal is simple. Hit as many Carroms apk hack as you can next to your opponent’s “Pool” board.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk GamePlay

Carrom is played on a square shape board with small pockets at the corners. There are also two large pockets in the center of each side. Like billiards, carrom pool uses discs that are stuck on the table with a cue. The goal of Carrom is to earn points by putting your puck in large pockets and preventing your opponent from scoring.

Features of Carrom Pool Apk

Carrom is a simple and fun game that many people enjoy. This is a board game mostly played indoors in Pakistan, Nepal, India, and other countries. But in this game, it is done all over the world.

Carrom Pool Multiplayer Game

Carrom Pool MOD APK 2

No matter where you are, there is nothing more exciting than playing against friends and family. This disc game includes more than just billiards as you can play with up to four people at once. In addition, if you want to test your skills against the best in the world, you can do so for free in multiplayer. You can test your gods and see how the best players in the world feel. However, remember that if you lose, you can lose a lot of money.

Carrom Pool HD Graphics

It is a simple table game along with graphics and physics logical. This game has no problem as a developer who has successfully created the function and movement game. A good thing about adopting this service is that the player can see the dotted line representing the hit. This will help you design really suitable shots for your home. Overall graphics is a unique game with realistic sound effects.

Carrom Pool Smooth Controls

Carrom pool hack mod apk management is intelligent and simple. All you have to do is objective and then select the application you want the attacker to hit. Then it all depends on your ability to plan. These controls are so bad that you will not be able to go back when writing unless you have a bad internet connection. Control allows you to score without difficulty as in real physics.

Carrom Pool Strikers and Pucks

You can choose from a wide range of strikers and pucks as you play with them. They don’t give you special promotions in the game, but they do feel good to play. However, you need money to unlock them all, so make sure you win the first few games so you can collect them all.

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Upgrade Strikers

In this game, you can also upgrade your strikers for other benefits during the game. But they need money, so you have to win the game first to be able to do that. But the good thing is that it gives you more motivation to win games where you can promote your attackers to the best of your ability.

Can You Play Carrom Pool Board Game Offline?

Unlike other games, it may have multiplayer features, but you cannot play it without an internet connection. And it’s a pity that you won’t be able to play the game without internet access, especially if you’re far away. On the other hand, hack Carrom Pool unlimited coin/gems allows you to fight AI freely. You can’t play with real players without an internet connection, but in the game you can enjoy it even in offline mode.

What Carrom Pool: Disc Game MOD Offers?

As we know that any app released by an official developer contains limited features available for free to play. The rest premium features can be used through paid versions. Modded apk of any game or Mod Android app offers unlocked premium features for free to use. You can Get Unlimited Money, Coins, and Gold, Unlock new Skins, and characters. In Carrom Pool: Disc Game hack + MOD APK, you will enjoy all Hacks and Cheats with the above MOD features.

How to Download and install Carrom Pool: Disc Game on Android? is a No#1 site that offers all games and Apps apk files both in original and in modded versions. If you are interested to download Carrom Pool: Disc Game APK MOD file then go through the download button available on this page and get the latest apk file directly on your android device. Now you can install and enjoy the game.

Is it safe to Download Carrom Pool: Disc Game Hack / MOD?

Yes, of course. Our site shares safe and secure versions of all games and apps. The mod version we share is secure and trusted. You can install it without any hesitation.

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How do you make money on carrom disc pool?

Carrom Disc Pool is a popular mobile game that can be played for free, but there are a few ways you can make money from it:

In-app purchases: Some players choose to purchase additional coins or gems to advance their gameplay more quickly, and you could benefit from this by creating and selling in-game items or resources.

Sponsorship: If you are a skilled player, you may be able to secure sponsorship from companies interested in promoting their products through the game.

Tournaments and competitions: Some players participate in Carrom Disc Pool tournaments and competitions, where winners can receive cash prizes.

YouTube or Twitch streams: You can also earn money by streaming your gameplay on platforms like YouTube or Twitch and monetizing your channel through advertisements, sponsorships, and viewer donations.

Note that while these methods can be a way to make money from Carrom Disc Pool, it’s important to remember that playing any game for profit can be competitive and time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful.

Carrom Pool is a tabletop game that is played with small disks and a striker. The goal is to use the striker to pocket the disks of your color, while trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same. Here are some tips on how to win at Carrom Pool:

Practice: The more you play, the better you will get. Spend time playing the game, trying different shots, and perfecting your technique.

Know the rules: Make sure you understand the rules of the game, including the various shots and fouls. This will help you make the right decisions during the game.

Develop a strategy: Decide on a strategy before the game begins and stick to it. This could involve playing aggressively, trying to pocket as many disks as possible, or playing more defensively, focusing on preventing your opponent from scoring.

Pay attention to the angles: The angle at which you strike the striker can have a big impact on the outcome of the shot. Pay attention to the angles on the table and try to use them to your advantage.

Control your power: Too much power can result in missed shots or fouls, while not enough power can make it easier for your opponent to pocket your disks. Find a balance that works for you and practice controlling your shot power.

By following these tips and continuing to practice, you can improve your skills and increase your chances of winning at Carrom Pool.

How many coins should be there in carrom pool?

The number of coins used in Carrom Pool can vary, but a standard set typically includes 19 coins: 9 black, 9 white, and 1 red. The black and white coins are used by the players, and the red coin is the queen or “free” coin, which is worth more points.

In some variations of the game, different numbers of coins may be used, but 19 coins is the most common setup. It’s important to note that the rules of Carrom Pool can vary depending on the region or specific version of the game, so it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific rules and coin count used in your area.

Download Carrom Pool

Download (112MM)

You are now ready to download Carrom Pool for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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