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DEAD TARGET Mod Apk v4.122.0 Free Download

DEAD TARGET Mod Apk for Android is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken control. VNG GAME STUDIOS created the game, which can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android smartphones.

In order to achieve numerous missions and goals, the player assumes the character of a survivor who must battle through swarms of zombies. Several weapons in the game may be upgraded and altered to fit the player’s play style.

Dead Target MOD Apk Unlimited Gold Download

The game also has a variety of zombies, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. In order to defeat each sort of zombie, players must employ a variety of strategies and tools.

DEAD TARGET unlimited everything mod apk provides players who enjoy first-person shooter and zombie survival games with a tough and thrilling gaming experience overall.


Players may obtain prizes by accomplishing specific tasks and challenges in DEAD TARGET Premium APK all guns unlocked by using the Battle Pass system. Players who purchase the Battle Pass get access to extra awards and privileges that are not available to those who do not subscribe.

The chance to acquire exclusive weapons and other equipment that are not accessible through ordinary gaming is one of the Battle Pass’ key advantages. These weapons and accessories may greatly improve players’ fighting abilities and speed up game progress.

The Battle Pass gives additional incentives including in-game money, XP bonuses, and exclusive cosmetic items in addition to the unique weaponry and goods. By successfully accomplishing certain tasks and goals, such as eliminating a predetermined number of zombies or finishing missions within a predetermined amount of time, players can advance through the Battle Pass.

In DEAD TARGET Mod Apk Unlimited money and Diamonds, the Battle Pass is a fantastic method for gamers to improve their gameplay and get special rewards. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that while the Battle Pass does cost money, playing the game without it is still enjoyable.


DEAD TARGET game Apk is unquestionably a wild first-person shooter game that provides players with an exhilarating and fast-paced experience. With a vast variety of weaponry and monsters to battle, the game offers intense and engaging action.

The dead target game download visuals and sound effects are also excellent, creating a spooky, evocative environment filled with peril and zombies. Players can concentrate on the action and strategy of the game since the controls are simple and straightforward to use.

The range of game modes that provide players a variety of tasks and objectives to achieve is one of Zombie Games 3D’s standout features. The game’s two playable modes are story mode, in which players go through a series of quests and stories, and survival mode, in which they must fend off waves upon waves of zombies.

For those who enjoy first-person shooters and zombie survival games, DEAD TARGET Premium APK is a great choice. The game provides hours of furious and entertaining gameplay thanks to its wide arsenal of weapons, enemies, and game types.


DEAD TARGET Pro APK: Players in Zombie Games 3D may utilise a range of unusual weapons to combat swarms of zombies. These weapons include anything from common weaponry like crossbows, flamethrowers, and assault rifles to more unusual ones like handguns, shotguns, and even laser guns.

Every weapon in the game has its own advantages and disadvantages, and players may upgrade and alter their gear to fit their play preferences. For instance, to enhance accuracy, lessen recoil, and increase ammunition capacity, gamers may install modifications like scopes, silencers, and longer magazines.

The heavy machine gun known as the “minigun” in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk is one of the game’s most notable weapons since it shoots powerful shots quickly. This weapon can easily decimate large populations and is especially effective against swarms of undead.

The grenade launcher is another unusual weapon in the game; it fires explosive rounds that may kill several zombies with a single shot. This weapon is very helpful for eliminating more difficult foes like bosses and mini-bosses.

Overall, the distinctive weapons in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk provide an added degree of strategy and excitement to the game and allow players a variety of alternatives for eliminating zombies.

Dead Target Unlimited Money


DEAD TARGET Mod Apk has a fun offline FPS game with a rewarding award system that recognises players for their accomplishments. These prizes might include exclusive cosmetic items, in-game money and other perks.

For certain accomplishments, such as accomplishing specific tasks or objectives, eliminating a predetermined number of zombies, or progressing to a given level, the game gives a range of rewards. These prizes encourage players to keep playing the game and work towards fresh victories.

The ability to earn awards offline is one of DEAD TARGET Mod Apk’s award system’s most alluring features. This implies that even if they are not online, users may still earn prizes, which is a terrific feature for those who might not always have access to an internet connection.

Overall, DEAD TARGET Mod Apk’s award system is a fantastic method to recognise players for their in-game accomplishments and encourage them to keep playing. The award system is a very alluring aspect of the game due to the diversity of prizes and the opportunity to earn them offline.


DEAD TARGET Pro APK gameplay is straightforward and addicting, simple to learn, yet difficult enough to keep players interested and coming back for more. Players of all skill levels may enjoy the game because to its simple controls and clear goals, and its hard missions and assortment of foes keep things exciting and intriguing.

The basic swipe and touch controls make it simple to aim and fire at zombies in this game. Also, the game includes a range of mission types, such as rescue missions, boss fights, and survival challenges, which broadens the gameplay’s diversity and excitement.

The sense of growth that players experience when they finish tasks and get prizes is one of the game’s most compelling features. Players may enhance their tools and skills through the game’s upgrading system, which gives them more power and control over the obstacles they face.

Overall, DEAD TARGET Mod Apk is a fantastic option for fans of first-person shooters and zombie survival games due to its straightforward and addicting gameplay. The dead target game simple controls and difficult gameplay provide players a rewarding and interesting experience that will have them coming back for more.


DEAD TARGET Mod Apk is an addictive free offline game that offers hours of exciting and challenging gameplay for players. The game’s offline capabilities mean that players can enjoy the game without needing an internet connection, making it a great choice for those who want to play games on the go.

The game’s addictive nature comes from its challenging missions and the variety of enemies that players must face. The game also features a range of different weapons and upgrades, giving players the ability to customize their playstyle and find the perfect combination of weapons and abilities to take on the hordes of zombies.

The replayability of DEAD TARGET Mod Apk is another element that contributes to its addictiveness. Players may keep pushing themselves and honing their abilities as they go through the game since it provides a number of various game modes and mission kinds.

Overall, DEAD TARGET Mod Apk is an addicting free offline game that is ideal for followers of first-person shooters and zombie survival games. Anybody searching for an exciting and entertaining gaming experience should play this game because of its tough gameplay, diversity of weapons and upgrades, and offline possibilities.


DEAD TARGET: The sniper games offline realistic graphics in Zombie Games 3D improve the suspense and immersion of the game. The 3D graphics and complex environments give the game a feeling of realism that is essential to its overall appearance and gameplay.

One of the game’s most striking aesthetic aspects is the level of detail in the zombie designs. Each zombie has a distinctive look, and the game’s creators worked hard to make them feel dreadfully realistic and satisfying to kill.

The game’s sniper gameplay is also particularly impressive, with detailed weapon models and realistic firing mechanics that make it feel like players are actually firing a real sniper rifle. The game’s slow-motion bullet time effect adds to the realism and excitement of the sniping experience, making it even more satisfying to take out zombies with a well-placed shot.

Overall, the realistic sniper games offline graphics in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk add to the immersive and engaging experience of the game, and help to make it one of the most thrilling and satisfying zombie survival games on the market.


Users may compete with one another and assess their performance against that of the community in Zombie Games 3D thanks to the game’s leaderboard system. The leaderboard system tracks each player’s performance and accomplishments throughout all missions and game types, and it displays these results to other players in real-time.

A leaderboard system that encourages players to improve their skills and obtain higher scores is a fantastic way to give the game a competitive element. Allowing players to communicate with one another and engage in friendly competition may enhance the game’s enjoyment.

The fact that players of all skill levels may use the leaderboard system in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk Unlimited money and Diamonds is one of its many wonderful features. The ability to compete against players who have comparable scores and levels of achievement gives everyone the possibility to feel competitive and a part of the community.

Overall, DEAD TARGET Mod Apk’s competitive leaderboard system is a fantastic addition that gives the game a new level of fun. It fosters a sense of community and friendship among players while encouraging competition and skill improvement.

Dead Target MOD Apk

How many ranks are there in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk game?

There are a total of 15 ranks in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk all guns unlocked that players may advance through. Players must accomplish the missions and challenges connected with each tier in order to advance to the next rank.

A player’s skill level may be increased and they can take on more difficult tasks as they advance through the ranks and earn new upgrades, abilities, and weaponry. Players must remain vigilant if they wish to succeed because the higher rankings are also linked to tougher adversaries and greater difficulty settings.

The ranks in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk are:





Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Master Sergeant

First Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major

Second Lieutenant

First Lieutenant




Overall, the ranking system in DEAD TARGET APK Premium all guns unlocked is a great way to track progress and provide players with a sense of achievement and accomplishment as they work their way through the game.

How many missions are in DEAD TARGET APK Premium?

There are presently more than 300 missions accessible in DEAD TARGET Mod Apk, offering players a variety of tasks to perform. These missions are dispersed over many game modes and difficulty levels, offering players a unique and demanding experience.

The different game modes in DEAD TARGET unlimited everything mod apk include:

Story mode: This serves as the actual game mode, in which players must perform a series of tasks and obstacles in order to move through the game and learn about the zombie epidemic.

Assault mode: requires players to battle off waves of zombies while surviving for as long as possible. With each wave, the difficulty level is increased, giving this mode a fantastic challenging for skilled players.

Sniper mode: In this mode, players assume the position of a sniper and must destroy as many zombies as they can in a specified amount of time. This mode takes accuracy and expertise and is an excellent method to put your sniper skills to the test.

Challenge mode: This mode includes a variety of one-of-a-kind tasks and objectives, such as killing a particular number of zombies with a certain weapon or finishing a mission within a given time restriction.

Overall, DEAD TARGET Mod Apk many objectives and game modes give players with a hard and fascinating experience that will have them coming back for more.

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