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Iragon 18+ v0.95.53 Beta [Repulse] for PC

Name Iragon
Publisher Repulse
Size 8.77 GB
Version 0.95.53
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Are you willing to lose yourself in a world of magic, romance, and high fantasies? We cordially invite you to Iragon, a fascinating and engaging virtual reality experience that blends fantasy anime’s and visual novels’ most outstanding features. Developed by Repulse, a team of passionate anime and gaming enthusiasts, Iragon promises an unforgettable experience filled with epic quests, enchanting storytelling, and captivating characters. Join Darick, a bold young fellow, on a mission to safeguard Brianna, a strong sorceress, from the grip of the domain. You’ll unlock new erotic adventures as you travel through a perilous frozen world filled with battles, witches, and demons. Whether you play in VR or the standard variant, prepare for a gaming experience like no other.

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The idea for Iragon was born out of the collective love for fantasy anime and visual novels at Repulse. The team envisioned a game that could seamlessly blend the immersive world of anime with the interactive nature of visual novels. The result is Iragon, a game that puts the player in control of their destiny, offering thrilling storylines and engaging gameplay.

Features of Iragon

In Iragon, you can expect a plethora of exciting features that cater to various player preferences. Whether you’re interested in romance, action, or exploring a captivating story, this game has it all.

Standard Routes: Romance and Adventure

Iragon offers five different girls to romance, each with unique personalities, motion-captured animations, full voice acting, and custom-designed sexy outfits. The game’s characters are all depicted as adults, ensuring a mature and respectful gaming experience.

Discover Forbidden Desires

For players interested in exploring more intimate experiences, Iragon includes lesbian routes that allow you to watch the girls engage in hot lesbian action. You can even participate in the interactive mode, taking your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Story: Be the Hero

Immerse yourself in the animated story of Iragon and become the hero of a lifetime. As Darick, you’ll take on epic quests, face formidable foes, and navigate through a richly crafted world. The game’s full voice-acted cast brings the characters to life, making the adventure even more immersive.

Iragon 18+ Gameplay: Experience the Fantasy World

There’s something else to Iragon besides a visual book. Plan for energizing intuitiveness, including doing fighting foes, projecting solid spells, gathering significant loot, redesigning your capacities, speaking with NPCs, setting out on ventures, and resisting excellent chiefs. The game satisfies each of your assumptions for a first-rate dream pretending game.

Iragon 18+ PC Game

Experience Iragon 18+ in Virtual Reality (VR)

While Iragon 18+ is designed to be experienced in VR for the ultimate immersive adventure, the developers have also put equal care into delivering a standard version that works for players without VR headsets. Regardless of your platform, you can still enjoy the enthralling world of Iragon and its captivating gameplay.


Can Iragon be played without a VR headset?

Absolutely! While Iragon is designed to be experienced in VR for the most immersive gameplay, a standard version is also available for players without VR headsets. The developers have put equal care into ensuring that all players can enjoy the game, regardless of their platform.

Is Iragon suitable for all audiences?

Iragon is designed for a mature audience and features themes and content that are intended for players over 18 years of age. The game may include elements of romance, intimacy, and mature storytelling.

How many romantic routes are available in Iragon?

Iragon offers five different romantic routes, each featuring a unique girl with her own personality and story. Players can choose their path and experience a captivating romantic adventure.

Can I participate in the intimate lesbian routes?

Yes, players have the option to participate in the lesbian routes of the game, where they can watch the girls engage in hot lesbian action. The full interactive mode allows for an even more immersive experience.

What type of gameplay does Iragon 18+ offer?

Iragon 18+ isn’t simply a visual book; It’s a full-blown fantasy role-playing game. The game will have battles, spellcasting, looting, questing, encountering powerful bosses, and interactions with NPCs.

How can I become an early tester for Iragon 18+?

Check out the links at the end of this article if you are interested in participating in the development of Iragon and becoming an early tester. Join the local area of enthusiastic gamers and assist with molding the universe of Iragon.


With Iragon 18+, Repulse has crafted a thrilling VR fantasy adventure that combines the best elements of anime and visual novels. In a world that has been beautifully designed, players can anticipate an engaging story, captivating characters, and a variety of exciting features. Iragon promises an unforgettable journey filled with romance, magic, and epic battles, regardless of whether you prefer to play the standard or VR versions. Become the hero you were destined to be and embark on the adventure of a lifetime in Iragon.

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