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Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds! v0.5.0.0 [Big Bang Studio]

Name Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds!
Publisher Big Bang Studio
Size 8.58 GB
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In the realm of adult gaming, Projekt Melody has emerged as a captivating phenomenon. An enticing 3D Sci-fi Dating Game with roleplay elements immerses players into a virtual world filled with seduction, mystery, and digital adventures. This article takes you on a thrilling journey through the enticing features of Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds! , showcasing its unique story, diverse characters, and engaging gameplay.

Projekt Melody A Nut Between Worlds [Big Bang Studio] Latest

A Chance Encounter and an Unforeseen Destiny

In Projekt Melody, players find themselves in a surreal scenario after experiencing an intense connection with their favorite streamer, Projekt Melody. A mysterious Goddess summons them, expecting a valiant hero, but instead, they end up as the chosen one. Tasked with saving the virtual world from “The Corruption,” players are dropped into the heart of the action, facing none other than Projekt Melody herself.

Unraveling the Enigma of “The Corruption”

At the heart of the game lies the menace of “The Corruption,” a virus threat wreaking havoc on the virtual lands. Players embark on a quest to uncover the secrets behind this dark force, exploring Virtual Little Tokyo and forging alliances with friends who offer more than just camaraderie. The narrative is rich in intrigue, romance, and digital destruction, making for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Dateable Characters: A Myriad of Waifus Await

One of Projekt Melody’s standout features is its diverse cast of dateable characters, each with a unique personality and captivating backstory. Whether you prefer dominant dominatrixes, shy and submissive girls, or fiery tsunderes, this game has it all. The options don’t end there – players can find characters who want to be dominated or those who yearn to dominate, allowing them to tailor their experience to their liking.

Each dateable character comes with their own side quests, romance options, and dating timelines, ensuring a deeply immersive experience that caters to individual preferences. The game beautifully blends elements of romance and sensuality, guaranteeing that players will keep coming back for more.

Projekt Melody [Big Bang Studio] Latest

Embarking on an Adventure Through the Cyberverse

Projekt Melody takes players on an epic adventure across the vast and varied Cyberverse. With multiple worlds to explore, each boasting unique themes, settings, and captivating characters, the game promises a thrilling journey. Whether sailing the high seas with a sexy pirate queen or indulging in mischief with vibrant adventure fields, every interaction within the Cyberverse is designed to be distinctive and unforgettable.

Journey to mysterious islands, encounter voluptuous natives, or traverse hellish landscapes ruled by alluring demons. The quest to uncover the source of the corruption alongside Melody and her anime waifu harem adds depth and allure to the overall gaming experience.

The Creative Sandbox Mode

Beyond the story-driven adventure, Projekt Melody offers players a chance to unleash their creativity in the sandbox mode. In this mode, players can design their own intimate sex scenes, crafting personalized rooms with hundreds of items and customization options. This feature allows players to pose characters, creating their ultimate fantasy scenarios. Regular updates introduce new content, ensuring that players are continually stimulated between story chapter releases.

Features that Elevate the Gaming Experience

Semi-Open World Exploration: Explore multiple digital worlds, each inhabited by unique and captivating characters.

Next-Gen Anime Characters: Enjoy highly polished, cutting-edge anime-style characters.

Hack and Slash Combat: Engage in thrilling first-person combat to battle the corruption.

Fully Voiced Characters: Immerse yourself in the experience with fully voiced characters and lewd scenes.

A Wide Range of Dateable Characters: From wholesome to domineering, a diverse selection of dateable characters awaits.

Unique Side Quests and Sex Scenes: Each dateable character comes with their own compelling side quests and intimate encounters.

An Epic 10-Chapter Story: Revel in a tale filled with mystery, laughter, intrigue, and unabashed indulgence.

A Closer Look at Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody, the central character, has garnered immense popularity as an internet personality and a trailblazing “Virtual 3D Hentai Cam Girl.” Since her debut, she has expanded her influence across various platforms, captivating audiences on Chaturbate, Twitch, YouTube, and now, in her own interactive virtual hentai video game. Her mission is simple – to arouse pleasure, whether in the hands or hearts of her devoted followers.


Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds! stands as a remarkable testament to the evolution of adult gaming. With its enthralling narrative, a diverse cast of characters, and creative gameplay elements, it offers an experience unlike any other. Embrace your role as a pervert hero and immerse yourself in this next-gen hentai game, where digital adventures and romance intertwine seamlessly.


  1. Is Projekt Melody suitable for all audiences?

No, Projekt Melody is intended for an adult audience due to its mature themes and explicit content.

  1. Can players customize their characters in the game?

While the game offers a sandbox mode for customizing scenes, character customization beyond that is limited.

  1. Is there a multiplayer option in Projekt Melody?

Currently, Projekt Melody is a single-player experience with no multiplayer functionality.

  1. How often does the game receive updates?

The game developers strive to release regular updates with fresh content and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

  1. What platforms support Projekt Melody?

Projekt Melody is available on various gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, and gaming consoles.

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