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Taimanin RPGX MOD APK v1.19.0 (Always Crit, High Damage, Free Skill)

Name Taimanin RPGX
Publisher Fanzagames
Size 72.25 MB
Version 1.19.0
MOD Info Always Crit, High Damage, Free Skill
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We live in a world of ninjas, but no ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is often an attraction for people. In cartoons, movies, ninjas are still popular. So if there is a game with such a theme, it will attract a lot of players. And the name Taimanin RPGX MOD APK is worth calling for now.

Taimanin RPGX Hack APK

So what can you do to survive? Download Taimanin RPGX MOD APK and start your journey. If you can’t fight like a ninja, how do you become a strong leader?

Taimanin RPGX

Taimanin RPGX is a fantasy game developed by Fanzagame. It is a well-known department in Japan with unparalleled beauty. This game we want to show you is one of the most loved products of Japan. Music game has beautiful gameplay, beautiful graphics from 3D graphics. So, compared to ordinary sports, is the Taiman RPGX different? lets find out!


The story of Taimanin RPGX revolves around the main character, who is a descendant of the Taimanin Asagi family, but does not have special abilities. Also, the Gosha Gakuen is the place where members of the Taimanin Asagi gather, and later, it also becomes the target of enemy attacks. Along with the effects of war, the main character has also transferred power from Asagi and will be the leader of the force against invading other enemies.

You will have a female warrior with a perfect golden face and energy. You will spend time researching new characters to improve your defense against powerful enemies, especially killing bosses. At the same time, the game mechanics focus on tactics and turn-based combat, which makes it suitable for a wide audience. From there, your character will create teams to defeat enemies.

Taimanin RPGX Apk Gameplay

Taimanin RPGX Apk has no challenging gameplay. It also retains the gameplay of the RPG series, but improves in one particular way. Many users said that this game has very fun gameplay and unique combinations. This role-playing adventure game will be developed in a unique way, combining elements of dialogue, building, adventure, exploration and more.

In this game you are directly involved in dating. But that only happens when you give these girls gifts. It is important to be positive because it can help you in your daily life as well as in conversations and discussions.

The game has a simple but very interesting design and will give you the latest true experience of modern stories. The game is well-known as in many role-playing games, but the advertised performance in the game has been very rewarding.

Taimanin RPGX MOD APK For Android

Female Ninja Selection

Ninja has a beautiful skill to join your team. Everyone has unique skills, different clothes emphasize their beautiful appearance. The number of stars will determine their position. The more stars a girl has, the less often it is. Of course, the emotional time between you and him will be special. Improve the fighting ability, enhance the general strength of the girl you have so that every game screen is always filled with beautiful images.

Different types of fights

In Taimanin RPGX, you will engage in battles with special characters, and you can add characters of your choice to any void in your design. Of course, you need to think about where you can place your female soldiers and reach their potential and abilities. Each character has a portrait and comes with a health bar and an energy bar. The power bar constantly increases with each strike, just choose the right time to use it.

Taimanin RPGX MOD APK has turn-based gameplay. Players select women who like to play in groups. Each member of the two rival teams wreaked havoc on each other. To be balanced, your team must have a wide range of resolves and patience. Create an idea for each game. Levels vary depending on the number and strength of monsters. The higher the story, the more difficult the classes and the player has to let down his friends.

Summon characters with multiple abilities

For more titles like Taimanin RPGX, it takes time to write strong characters to overcome several levels of the game. It’s natural, besides adding to the mission, you have to get involved in events to get the best out of it. party and leaders are struggling with the next line of health. In addition, the character summoning mechanics are interesting and have the characteristics of a random gacha.

Taimanin RPGX MOD APK Download

Use the settings and select the flag you want to invoke. You’ll be amazed at what you get and sometimes good luck persuading players to spin the gacha. At the same time, the rarity of characters is numerous: N, SR, HR and more rarities. You will therefore call on them to strengthen them and expand your team. The characters get a little love too, and you’ll appreciate the stats.

Chat with beautiful girls

When participating in a game, the player follows the recipe in girls. By meeting them, the player can see the cute pictures of the girls on the screen. Next to it is a chat box that displays a conversation between two people. It can be a good speech, daily communication, what you need to do, or even a temptation.

From the player’s point of view, it is very easy to determine the role of the girls. When you meet a girl, you will also get a quest. Especially when you run out of energy, the girls in the game will help you bring your energy back to its original state.

These encounters can involve a variety of relationships that embarrass you, such as holding hands and kissing. The game will take you to a whole new exciting place. But you will surely be a good person for the job.

MOD Features

2. DMG (High Damage + God)
3. DEF (God + Enemy 0 Def)
4. Always Crit
5. Skill always available

Taimanin RPGX Apk Graphics:

Since RPGX, who cares, is also an RPG genre, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a game that stands out for its careful investment. The use of 2D graphics platforms is not the same as the 3D graphics series, but it is not much compared to games of the same type. As it is an RPG game, good graphics and good design are the core of the game.

It is undeniable because the characters are very beautiful and in gold. The card game is designed to be large and unrestricted in nature. At the same time, he paid particular attention to elements such as trees, flowers and animals. Playing in the direction of the composition, you will see that the image is simple, but designed with a very good rendering with the characters. Sweet-voiced girls will make your eyes sparkle for taking part in the game.

Download the fun game app today and learn many honest things about Taimanin RPGX MOD Apk game together. It is the right choice for those who want to have fun and relax in their spare time.

Download Taimanin RPGX

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You are now ready to download Taimanin RPGX for free. Here are some notes:

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